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Bibliography A     will report  all Articles about  

"Etiopathogenesis of dentofacial development disorders:  

Children's bad habits and  chronic nasal obstruction during growth.

 Relevance of early diagnosis and treatment  for an on harmonious dentofacial development "

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Bibliography B     will report  all Articles about 
 "Clinical Oral Complications specifically related to teeth, gums and alveolar bone in patients with dentofacial development disorders "
B) Higher percentage of teeth fractures due to orthodontic problems (in everydaylife or accidents)  
 C) Higher percentage of decays or gingival inflammation due to detersion difficulty
       in patient with  malposition/displaced teeth
 D) Bone and gum  resorption  due to chronic occlusal trauma in patient with orthodontic problems
 E) Leucoplasia due to gum chronic occlusal trauma in patient with theeth displaced position
 F) Necrosis of the tooth-pulp related to chronic occlusal trauma in patient with dentofacial malocclusion
 G) External resorbption of the root related to chronic occlusal trauma in patient with  dentofacial malocclusion 
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Bibliography C    will report  all Articles about

"Cranio-Facial disorders due to Dentofacial Development Disorders"
  H) Olfactory , respiratory, and auditive function disorders due to incorrect Eustachian 
       Tube development related to dentofacial development disorders
   I ) Oral respiration and ear, nose and throat (ENT) recurrent or chronic 
   J) Tongue-thrust swallowing  and it's influence on other functions
  K)Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ)  dysfunction  related to  Dentofacial  Disorders
   L)   ENT and neurological sintomatology  related to (TMJ) craniomandibular 
   M) Allergies and other immunological disorders related to improper dentofacial  
    N) Speech disorders related to dentofacial disordes
    O)Dentofacial development disorders, cronic nasal obstruction  & Sleep apnea
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Bibliography D     will report  all Articles about
 "Clinical Health Complications due to Dentofacial Development 
   P) Influence of Dentofacial disorders on digestion phisiology & related digestive disorders
    QImproper chewing and swallowing and their influence on eating behaviour , 
    satiation  or sence of hunger  
   R) Improper chewing, sence of hunger and hyperinsulinism:  it's correlation
     with overweight and others endocrinological and immunological disorders 
   S) Nocturne respiration disorders  and sleep apnea syndrome: their influence on
   rest/sleep in children and adults.
   T) Behavioral changes in children  and adults with sleep disorders
  U)  General health consequences related to improper sleep 
  V)Posture problems related to  dentofacial and TMJ  disorders
  W) Effect of combined overweight and dentofacial disorders on posture   
       during prepuberal age : Concequences on  knee,  foot and skeleton
   X) Effects of psicologicals problems in children during growth (sadness/ rage)  and related
     dentofacial development disorders
   Y Psicologicals problems in children/adults related to an unpleasent smile
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Bibliography E  will report  all Articles about
" Disorders Improvement after therapy "
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published in DateTitleAuthor's NameDepartmentLink
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