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"Clinical Health Complications due to Dentofacial Development Disorders"
O) Correlation between dentofacial disorders & digestive disorders
V) Tongue-thrust swallowing  and it's influence on other functions
P) Sence of hunger permanence and it's relation to improper chewing and swallowing in children and adults
Q)  Sence of hunger , eating behaviour and  hiperinsulinism in children and adults
R) hiperinsulinism and it's correlation with overweight and others endocrinological and immunological disorders
S) Correlation between dentofacial /TMJ disorders
 and posture problems in children and adults
Y) sleep apnea sindrome related to nocturne respiration disorders and its complications
Z) general health sintomatology  and modification related to improper sleep

P) Influence of Dentofacial disorders on digestion phisiology & related digestive disorders


    Q) Improper chewing and swallowing and their influence on eating behaviour , 

    satiation  or sence of hunger  


   R) Improper chewing, sence of hunger and hyperinsulinism:  it's correlation

     with overweight and others endocrinological and immunological disorders 


   S) Nocturne respiration disorders  and sleep apnea syndrome: their influence on

   rest/sleep in children and adults.


   T) Behavioral changes in children  and adults with sleep disorders


  U)  General health consequences related to improper sleep 


  V)Posture problems related to  dentofacial and TMJ  disorders


  W) Effect of combined overweight and dentofacial disorders on posture   

       during prepuberal age : Concequences on  knee,  foot and skeleton


   X) Effects of psicologicals problems in children during growth (sadness/ rage)  and related

     dentofacial development disorders


   Y Psicologicals problems in children/adults related to an unpleasent smile




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