T. Marullo Foundation

A tribute to our father who dedicated his life to science 

 With his positiveness and unique humanity he dedicated his life to continuous research,  creating and  finding solutions in order to offer a better quality of life to all his patients.
 He was a mentor for everybody, always explaning the toughest issues with  simple words.  
Throughout his life, he analyzed and treated disorders by focusing on all the physiological aspects with an integrative approach in an era when integrative medicine was still unknown.
He was a sustainer of health prevention and pursued this goal until his very last day.
To continue along his vision, we surf the wave of a holistic integrated approach to give our  contribution to the health of all our patients not only through dental and/or dental-facial therapy but also through a global assessment of overall health.
                                                                                                                            Thanks Dad  
 "Progress in Medicine will never be fully successful until every child will achieve health prevention"
**click here to learn more about him     Professor Tommaso Marullo ( 29.4.1923/ 20.5.2004)