our Emergency Cases

all the case reported below have been treated within few hours from the request of Dental Emergency - working over night when necessary !

A)    Fractures of natural teeth / 

      Composite Direct Veneers 

Case 1 

Single fracture of upper incisor - due to chewing bread 

We explained to the patient that it was not possible to to have a satisfactory esthetic result restoration as the adjacent incisor had a multipleshade old filling due to the previous fracture

here you can see that there was not a color to match .... so after hesitating a bit ... he talked with his mom and she was glad to pay for for the extra tooth!!

She agreed our therapy plan to restore both teeth!! 

And there you go! 

Peter was soo happy 

He couldn't believe his eyes He standed those old fillings for so many years and finally he had to arrive here in Rome ... crack it  to get back his shining smile again ! 

Thank you Peter for your trust!

Case 2 

Double fracture of upper central and lateral incisor with palatal vertical fracture (on the central incisor)  and exposure of the nerve -     due to accidental fall 

Due to the exposure of the nerve we had to perform an emergency rootcanal overnight 

after that we treated the vertical fracture that you can see on the palate in the picture below

At the end we restored the two upper central and lateral incisors with two veneers in composite

Case 3 

Severe traumatic injury due to punch : the patient arrived at the clinic in panic at 11 pm of the new' years eve

The upper front right incisor was completelly fractured. We had to perform an emergency root canal and after that also  a surgery in order to expose the part of tooth that was not visible anymore

The major problem was not only to treat the tooth - that we could numb so no problem to manage the pain - but to to approach him ( in panic ) and his face and lip that we could not numb. 

He was really in pain

we worked all night and, after the surgery - as the area stopped bleeding-  we started the restoration. 

We did our best to make him celebrate the New Year with a smile! 

Here he is few hours later 

Case 4 

SImple composite veneer:

Gianna already had a crack and a previous filling on her upper right central incisor

after arriving in Rome while biting on a delicious piece of Pizza unfortunatelly her old restauration popped out!!

she called us ...she was desperate ... She wanted us to glue it back...but honestly it was totally another colour...so we decided to go for a new restoration

we managed to solve her problem immediately.

and here she smile again !

Case n 5 :

Case n 6 :

 double severe fracture of both upper front incisors occured for falling from electric kick scooter 

The patient arrived at 10 pm in dramatic pain with a double nerve exposure 

we had to perform a double root-canal over night 

and after placing a post on each tooth we finished the case with a  double composite veneer restoration

Few hours later ...when we finished and the patient looked himselfe into the mirror he burst into tears ......... I was suprised and worried but he immediately said" ....they are even better then mine"!

Case n 7 : 

fracture of upper premolar . 

After the extraction of the cracked piece 

we isolated the preparation in order to restore it

after the build up 

we seated a temporary resin crown 

and the patient could make it to enjoy his holyday painfree and get back if few weeks to get a permanent crown!  

Case n 8:

 horizontal crack  of upper lateral incisor. 

the patient was an arabic bride in her Honey Moon... she arrived in the clinic in to tears with her Chador on her face not to shaw the husband what was the problem! 

the tooth was already root canaled but there was not a post in it and it was not capped with a crown.

we immediately menaged to place a adhesive post 

and made a direct immediate temporary crown in resin from the shape of her own tooth 

B)  Abscesses  Root canals   Retreatment   

Case n 

Abscess of the  upper right molar:  

 The patient called us in unbearable throbbing  pain due to an abscess on a previously rootcanaled tooth. He was told from his  dentist to take antibiotic but the pain instead seemed to get worse day by day . So finally he plucked up his courage to call us .

We explained to him that we had to open the tooth and retreat his previous root canal filling  order to drain completely the abscess and insert a topical bacteriostatic to have immediate relieve .

At the end we had seated on top a temporary crown in resin so he coud enjoy his holiday and meals again 

  You’ll notice that this is not an ordinary DENTAL EMERGENCY service! 

  It’s the kind of place you have always looked for ...  but never thought you’d find.  

Your overall health  is our goal !