Oxidative Stress

Did you know that Heavy Metals induce oxidative stress and therefore chronic inflammation and  ageing and may cause epigenetic mutations that can lead to DNA damage


                             It's time to detox ! 

    Check the level of your heavy metal toxicity now !


Come visit us and program your personal detoxication plan - in the meantime, we will replace your amalgam fillings (visible and removable toxic metals) through a "safe and protected removal plan" while detoxifying your body from the metals which are stuck onto your tissues (hidden toxicity).

Take a Hair test with us - according to the WHO  that is the most valid exam to reveal the body's level of heavy metal poisoning.

Keep in mind that Heavy metals are not only into dental fillings! 

You can catch them every day through food (fish and vegetables- pesticide and herbicide),  cigarettes smoke, polluted water and air, make-ups, tattoos, piercings, orthopedic prostesis etc.. and what is worse is that they are transmitted to the fetus through the placenta.

 If you are curious about the bibliography that prove what we say  you' re free to check it up on the following link http://www.healthysmileinrome.com/bibliography-f/heavy-metals. 

other informations about Oxidative stress will be found on the website of the INTERNATIONAL OBSERVATORY OF OXIDATIVE STRESS  at the following link : http://www.osservatoriostressossidativo.com/it/la-gestione-dello-stress-ossidativo

We hope you understand that heavy metals are like "silent poisons" and that their levels should not be missdiagnosed since even EARLY DIAGNOSIS (in case of neoplastic lesions) is already far too LATE (to avoid surgery or/and radio/chemotherapy).

So, let's practice PRIMARY PREVENTION while you're still asymptomatic by identifying your intoxication level on time.  It' s never too late to detox...... Come and visit us! 

                                  I'T'S TIME FOR HEALTH  so ....I's time 4 health prevention !!!      

Looking forward to see you ....      Healthy new year!