TMJ disorders  & Orthopedic / posture problems

Only since few decades doctors and  people know the important relationship between sane teeth , correct occlusion , posture and a healthy body.

To better understand why the TMJ has such an important role you have to understand the relationships that TMJ  shares with The muscular system; with The oculo motor system and components of the higher centers;  and with the nucleus of the XI nerve .

The jaw is directly connected to the muscular system via the muscles responsible for opening the mouth and the hyoid bone. As well, it is connected to the antagonists of occlusion and deglutition (SCM, trapezius, pectorals).

Modern neurophysiology allows us to understand the relationship of the jaw to the superior colliculus, the higher part of the cerebral trunk, the grey central nuclei and striatum. Via the fasciculus longitudinalis medialis, there are associations between various nuclei including the nuclei for the III, IV ,VI and the V. This explains the association between the jaw and the oculo motor muscles.

All these connections explain why TMJ is an integral part of the tonic postural system and why a postural imbalance is always found when the patient have occlusal & TMJ disorders.


Flyboard® is the proprioceptive multi-functional tool "Made in Italy" designed by Gennaro Setola, made of

natural wood that perfectly fits the body weight (max 160Kg) and the posture of who uses it.

Thanks to its special hemispherical shape, Flyboard® is used without mat both on the concave and convex side

to perform a multitude of exercises involving, synergistically, the main muscle districts of the body.

Flyboard® is born of the thorough study of the techniques of applying the holistic discipline BodyFly® which,

through the use of the tool during the practice, allows to further improve the body control, the static-dynamic

equilibrium and the kinaesthetic perception.

The hemispherical bottom shape of the Flyboard® has been designed with the aim to provide a tool that, with

respect to similar, could contain in a single tool, the dual function, dynamic and static:

- Dynamic:

On the concave side, in fact, Flyboard® is used as rocking/swinging base in order to encourage all those

movements that promote balance, neuro-muscular sensitivity and proprioceptivity.

- Static:

on the convex side, Flyboard® becomes a real training partner in the protocols of functional muscle

strengthening and tonic-postural balance and, respecting scrupulously in the positions of decubitus, the

physiological curves.

Flyboard®, with its oscillating movement, in addition to stimulating the blood circulation and lymph flow,

produces a reinforcement of the connective tissue, the strengthening of flexibility of the lower limbs and an

important lymph drainage effect, so as to generate a considerable reduction of cellulite and fibrous adhesions.

The Protocols to workout on the Flyboard®, studied the BodyFly Academy are:

Muscle toning exercises;

Slimming and lymph draining;

Flexibility, elasticity, and articular and muscular relaxing;

Functional recovery;

Circulatory stimulation of the lymphatic system;

Global postural and stretching exercises.

The movement of oscillation can be considered as a quite natural phenomenon that, through the use of the

Flyboard®, turns in active neuromuscular strengthening activities.

During a run or fast walk, the impact of the feet on the ground produces mechanical oscillations which might

be traumatic.

Flyboard® produces a natural movement of oscillation(swinging action), for which the impact of the feet on the

ground is completely cancelled, although, in order to counteract the force of gravity, the mechanical stimuli

assigned to develop and maintain the muscle and bone tissue are generated equally.

Among other things, Flyboard®, unlike other devices of electro stimulation or vibrant boards, does not need

the use of electric current (magnetic field), which interferes with the body/mind functionality.

With respect to other proprioceptive tables, Flyboard®- for its arched shape but at the same time stable

property and for the length studied ad hoc that ensures a physiological mobilization of the joints - allows the

approach to a much wider public in maximum safety and without the risk of large losses of the balance.

Unlike other similar tools on the market, Flyboard® can be used, in fact, on the concave side in erect, four

footed and sitting body position, ensuring an increase of the capacity of sense motion, the kinetics and the

spatiality. On the convex side instead it can be used in an upright position, decubitus (prone, supine and

lateral) and sitting for the conduct of exercises aimed at strengthening muscles, to control global posture and

single articular districts.

Flyboard® is also indicated for all sports of dexterity where it is necessary to refine and improve the

coordinative and cognitive capacity, such as Winter sports, athletics, gymnastics, Martial Arts, in addition to be

a valid support for the Functional Training, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and the BodyFly® from which it derives.


Material: wood

Weight: only 5.5 kg

Supports up to a load of 160kg (tested to over 250kg)

Maximum Versatility, allows you to perform multiple tasks with a single tool

Double-face features

It is directed to a vast number of users

It combines cardiovascular activities to holistic, postural and proprioceptive workouts

Reduced dimensions, you can use it anywhere

It allows a high variety of exercises

It can be used as support to training with machines and TRX

It is very useful in recovery post-trauma.

FlyBoard® was presented for the first time by Gennaro Setola at the 2007 Fitness Festival in Florence, Italy.

It is used on both sides – hollow and convex side – for many workouts:

- Aerobic,

- Martial Arts,

- Dance,

- Pilates,

- Yoga,

- BodyFly®

- Pre-sky and snowboard

In “Dynamic Balance Class”, we use the FlyBoard® to carry out workouts involving the whole body, through a

combinations of exercises that allow a ‘physical activity challenging’ but fun.

FlyBoard® is powered by BodyFly®.