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Which would be the correct long lasting restoration for a child ?

To promote prevention in dentistry and promote the preservation of natural teeth through quality dental treatments, as a  member of the American Academy of Golfoil Operators (  we promote the choice of clinical excellence through gold restorations , especially for children. Of course that is the main restoration at any age but for a child is highly recomended since gold is a noble metal and therefore  the treatment of carious lesions with direct gold fillings and/or partial coverage gold casts  last much longer that any other restoration material.


Although we can fulfill our patient's aesthetic expectations with direct or indirect aesthetic restorations (click here to see some  aesthetic restorations) , when treating an existing decay on a child  we strongly recommend you to choose gold fillings.  Another indication of Gold fillings is in case of  permanent teeth absence, when you want to replace a little decay on a deciduous tooth in order to keep it  as long as possible.


If the decay is small the indication is for a GOLD FOIL;

 if the decay is already big we suggest Gold inlays or onlays .

All parents have to be aware of the fact that the choice of a long lasting material like GOLD  will preserve the tooh from futher replacement of the restoration  , giving a better tooth prognosis  and avoiding  expensive treatment in the future. 


What seems to be expensive today ...will be a great savings tomorrow!

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