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if you want to be sure to solve your problem 

you can

A) either call directly Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo by mobile or 

WhatsApp at the number +39335623680

or on the LAND LINE calling +390644291526

B) or text us a message on WhatsApp at the 

number +393356236809

in the message you should 

1)include your SURNAME and NAME 

2)describe your particular issue and type of pain between the

 following conditions: 

a) costant pain with swollen gum/cheek 
b)costant pain that you cannot localize 

and increase while you lay down or at night 

c) pain that araise only during biting 

d) pain that increase with cold food

3)specify if you want to be treated the same day or if you can wait 

(in case you're tourist specify when are you leaving Rome )

4)and finally specify your phone number including 

COUNTRY /AREA code  where we will be able to call you or contact you (example: for USA  +1 - 516-......;  for Australia +61-......., )

we are looking to take care of you 

and solve your problem  !

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Dr M. Nuri Marullo MD,DDS 


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