Contact us

Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo MD, DDS
Piazza Salerno 6 /
 Via imperia 1  , 00161 Rome, Italy 
tel  +39 0644291526
cel +39 3356236809


if you want to be sure to contact us 

A)  call directly Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo 

at +393356236809 by mobile or whattsapp 

or on the LAND LINE calling +390644291526

B) or txt us a message on WhattsApp 

including your NAME 

and phone number 

c) and  write us an email 

including your NAME 

and phone number .

we will get back to you asap


VIP:do not call us on our land line as SINCE december 

we are having problems and

 there is a automatic responding message that say that 

the number do not exist !!!! also if we are inn .

so contact us on the mobile THANKS !!!!

kindly note that :
For DENTAL EMERGENCY we are always available 
(Monday to Sunday and also HOLYDAYS) 

regular  working hours:  10 am - 8 pm Monday to Friday

Extra fee for emergency treatment  

(to be added to the cost of the  the visit and specific treatment)

      A)additional charge for call  over Saturday/ Sunday / Holidays  :                                             120€ 
Saturday                   :                             CALL for  treatments started from  9  am to 6 pm                                                     80  €
B) additional charge for treatments  afterhours 

Request of emergency ( monday to fry during day  time )                                          50€                   to be addes to regular visit fee 

Saturday                                           per hour within 6pm  treatment cost                                                                   50€ 

Saturday                                            treatments started / continued    after   6 pm within 10 00 pm                                 80€ per hour 

Sunday and Holidays                              9  am to 2 pm                                                                                                                150€

Sunday and Holidays                              after   2 pm within 10.00 pm        first hour 120€ , additional hours    100 € per hour  

Monday to Friday : treatments after 8pm                                                                                                                                            100€ per hour 

night treatment                                           any day after 10PM                                                                                         150€ per hour   

Dr M. Nuri Marullo and Dr. Paolo Marullo