Healthy smile in Rome
The integrated Health Clinic in Rome 
from "tooth" to "toe" ! 
You’ll notice that this is not your ordinary
 dental practice the moment you walk in 
our  door.  It’s the kind of place you have 
always looked for ... but never thought  you’d find
Your overall health  is our goal !

Healthy  New Year to everyone  !!!!!!!
take advantage of our special offer for  
the New Year !


 to solve

 We are always available 9 am 

to 11 pm to solve your emergency asap

 and in few hours!! 

simply take action!!

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*For all our treatments 
we can provide interest-free instalments 
 for amounts between 2000€ and 5000€ 
(with CENTAX Pagodil ). 
** ( see details at the link "Payments "