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You're miles away from home dealing with a toothache or dental discomfort .

Our team understands the importance of communication, comfort, and quality care. Under the guidance of Dr. Nuri Marullo we strive to provide immediate relief and tailored treatment to meet your needs.

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are you in need of an English speaking dentist ?

Whether you're in Rome for vacation, you're an expat ,or instead you are here to work only few days...if  you are facing a dental issue  then finding a reliable  English-speaking dentist in Rome might be a priority!  

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Easy to reach via public transportation, Immediate availability , Skils , creativity , empathy and No language barrier .  

We'll go beyond our limits to fulfill any request and drag you out of pain. 

All we did in the past 20 years is reported in all the patients feedback on our google page. You will just need to read some of the feedback and you won't be fearful any longer. 

So take action ... call us  now     +390644291526 We are ready to help you!

In addition to EMERGENCY DENTAL CARE  and BASIC SERVICES  such as cleanings, composite fillings, and root canals, we also offer a wide range of specialized services to improve and maintain your dental health. These include:

So, if you're in need of a caring, English-speaking dentist in Rome, look no further than Healthy Smile. 

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