Comments from our patients

 If you are on this page very likely you googled EMERGENCY DENTIST and we popped up!!

You do not know us,  but maybe you had been referred to us from Google that is taking the reviews of previews satisfied patients .

We never had putten adds as we believe that in Dentistry  word of mouth is the best thing  specially for a patient when is in pain , afraid and new / foreign in a city /country ...

that's why we suggest anybody that had solved a dental emergency with us to share his/her/ their experience so that it may be helpfull for other patients  in emergency/ need .

                  We thank very much all the ones  that took time to spend their words to the ones that will be passing by Rome and will be in need of some Dental help! 


Here is a "Readers Digest "of all our patients' comments  from 2006 to  2013

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