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                  We thank very much all the ones  that took time to spend their words to the ones that will                                          be passing by Rome and will be in need of some Dental help! 
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VCN 7050 A Very Good Dentist: if you need a good dentist i would suggest you Dr.Maria Nuri Marullo,easy to reach (metro), not too expensive and a very good practice, speaks very good english, payments with credit-cards. 3356236809 
VCN 34083 Re: Dentist for kids  : Hello Dmitri I would reccomend a professional and gentle dentist that speak perfect english , Dr Nuri Marullo. Her office is close to University ( policlinico) , easy to reach with metroB. I've seen many little patient in her office, unusually happy to go to the dentist!!!!! and also all the parents seemed happy of the treatments. Dr Marullo also provide the firs visit for free for all VCN you can try if you like her or go somewhere else.I guess also her fees are good and she also accept credit cards and Bancomat .Her phone is 0644291526 I'm sure with her your child will solve the problem best regards 
VCN 21349 Dentist  : If you are looking for a dentist, I recommend you to make an appointment with Dental Studio Marullo Dr Nuri Marullo is a very professional and serious dentist. She speaks perfect English and doesn't make you feel a Van Breda covered UN-er with plenty of money to spend. If you need to have some work done on your teeth, she clearly explains you the different options, prices etc. and takes the time to answer all your questions. She also organizes a dental hygiene course in which she explains you how to clean your teeth properly. Sounds a waste of money but you will be surprised to see how much plaque is still sticking on your teeth after brushing! The Studio is in Via Imperia 1, easy to reach with public transport: 3 min. walk from Policlinico metro station (line B). 
VCN 19733 Re: open invitation in October for annual dental check-up ( children & parents)  : I visited Dr Marullo's clinic for a dental check up for me and my daughter and I confirm the positive comments I read about her. She is very good, especially with kids. 
VCN 9950 a good English speaking dentist:  I also relied on the recommendation below and took my daughter to this dentist.I was impressed as she (Dr. Maria Marullo) spent considerable time to establish a friendly relationship with my daughter before actually going on the treatment. It helped as my daughter did not get nervous for her first experience of dental treatment. It was also a good practice that she informed me of the estimated cost beforehand According to Dr. Marullo, she can provide a free dental check-up and/or breaching for 60 euro only for the period of October and November . You can try and see if you like. 
VCN 53452 Re: good dentist anyone? If you search for an english speaking dentist, competent, painfree and easy to reach try Dr. Nuri Marullo -close to stop POLICLINICO (metroB).She accept credit cards & bancomat and usually have special fees for VCNners and UN members (also skedule appointments after 6pm). She is an Holistic Dentist,Trained in US , patient with adults as well as children. Have a look at her website can get many intresting informations! ciao 
VCN 24335 Finding a DENTIST in Rome ( a positive DENTAL experience ): Hi, In case anyone is looking for an English-speaking dentist, I wanted to pass on the details of an excellent one that I found who was extremely efficient and fairly priced. I found her name on this site based on the recommendation of other VCNers who were also satisfied with her services. I showed up with an extreme toothache and she was able to solve my problem immediately. She even fit me in on a Saturday afternoon since it was a dental emergency! Maria Nuri Marullo Via Imperia, 1 Piazza Salerno, 6 00161 Roma Telephone 0644291526 Cell 3356236809 I found Dr. Marullo professional and knowledgeable. In addition to this, I was extremely upset when I arrived in her office and she was able to calm my fears immediately.She is easy to reach by metro, flexible with scheduling appointments and accepts credit cards. (I also think she provides the first visit for free) Good luck!  
VCN 33713 RE:Looking for a good orthodontist : Amy,I can strongly recommend you Studio Marullo, I had two interventions last week and this week and it were the best dental experiences I ever had !!! The studio is located at walking distance from Metro Policlinico, in Pzza Salerno 6. Tel 06 44 29 15 26. 
VCN 18003 Re: Dentist, dentist : Dear all, I can confirm this as well. She treated me for a repeat root canal (which needed to be re-done after my other dentist messed it up) at the last minute during the Ferragosto week, and even postponed her own personal holiday to fit my schedule and treat me since I had to leave for London Sunday night! Very knowledgeable in her field, not to mention patient, friendly, and pain-free. In fact, I was so pleased with her work, care and attention that she is now my 'dentista di fiducia' and will be going to her from now on. I couldn't recommend her more highly. 
VCN 23037 Excellent English Speaking Dentist : Recently I have had the pleasure to be the patient of Dr. Nuri Marullo (Pz Bologna/Villa Massimo/Via Nomentana) for some very complicated dental work which she has been extremely careful with and also available to me on holidays and off-hours. I found her studio easily through other satisfied people in the UN system on VCN and would like to add my name to the list of positive recommendations. Dr. Marullo has the highest quality credentials and professionalism as well as extensive study in the U.S., and speaks English fluently. She treats all age groups and is especially kind with children 
VCN 20513 Good dentist: If you are looking for a dentist, I recommend that you visit Nuri, she is really competent and qualified, will answer all your questions,explain everything and all that within the time you need. X-rays 10euros and available always for emergencies 
VCN 21662 A good Dentist: If you are looking for a good dentist, I would recommend you Nuri Marullo, she is very good, explains everything she does or planning to do with your teeth. She has done a good job with me and she is also very flexible re appointments 
VCN 23067 Re:Excellent English Speaking Dentist : I also agree with that, mine was a specific and worrying problem and Dr. Nuri not only spotted the problem in time, but was also with me during my surgery. She is very warm and kind hearted, and will always recommends the best specialists. I highly recommend her 
VCN 23085 Re: Excellent English Speaking Dentist Why would you want FIXED dentist costs? Competition drives dentists (and everyone else) to get better educated and become better at what they do. Doctors that charge more generally do so because THEY CAN. It’s supply and demand.I’ve been to Dott. Nuri, and she was great. I went to her because everyone on VCN had a good experience. And now I went to her brother Paulo for a very difficult wisdom tooth extraction. I found their prices fair and their service and skill were worth twice that. Dott. Paulo called me twice after the surgery to ask if I was ok. If I go to a dentist, do I REALLY want the cheapest one? Low prices generally equate to “desperate”.If you are wondering why you always get bad service, maybe its because you are always trying to save a Euro instead of searching for the most qualified person 
VCN 23272 Nuri the Dentist in Rome  Yet again another "play hater" feels the need to take someone down by messaging their trash through this used to be useful email group.I have heard the horror stories about dentistry in Rome too. Funny thing it has never been a first hand account. My experiences over 2 years have been nothing less than the same care I get in Canada where I am used to the highest quality care. I went to see Nuri the first time last Sept. She found so many problems it was devastating. I really couldn't believe it. She recommended a full xray to be able to see more thoroughly the problem areas and be able to show me too. I needed to have surgery, 6 cavities filled with inlays & onlays, one root canal at least possibly another, etc...I was so scared about the cost and the list. I did not feel comfortable and I must admit it was b/c of all these stories.I saw her a few times afterwards to take care of some of the minor things while she put together a dental program for me with an incredible amount of visits. I had made many notes as I was planning on checking it all out.I asked her if I could take the xrays back to Canada since I was going home soon after and have my family dentist have a look. She was very supportive instantly and expressed that they are in fact my xrays. She advised to try and do some minor stuff during that visit to get it out of the way. I saw my dentist in Canada. I was there for an hour just for a consultation. We went through every single bit of the programme and my mouth! Afterwards she read all my hand written notes too and confirmed her examination agreed with them. My dentist saw exactly everything Nuri described and agreed with her proposal 100%. Although an expensive situation for me all the work was necessary and my dentist expressed the urgency and the fact that I should have Nuri do all the work since consistency is important. She even agreed with Nuri that the crown I have done awhile back in another country should eventually be removed as it was poorly done. My Canadian dentist who has far more experience supported even the order of Nuri's programme. Paulo did the surgery, and the root canal by was a tough one being my back 7 which is connected to my sinus and one of the canals is completely unimpenetrable. Very tricky tooth which took a lot of work. But this depends on the architecture of my mouth and not Nuri's ability. I am happy with her care and if any one out there needs a dentist give her a try and find out for yourself if you like her too. There are enough positive comments to give her a shot.BTW I price checked 3 dental offices in Ottawa & Montreal, Canada and Nuri's prices are the same more or less.So it is indeed possible that some people did not have a pleasant experience but other factors are usually involved. Comparing a Dr to another is personal and very subjective. This does not and should not discredit the quality of dental care that Nuri provides. I did not return to 2 dentists for certain reasons however, the work they did was fine. I do not believe in discrediting them over the internet...that takes an enormous lack of integrity and unprofessionalism. 
VCN 19257 Fw: open invitation in October for annual dental check-up ( children & parents) : I can recommend Nuri and her studio, had a very gentle and positive experience! 
VCN 19518 dental check-up Hi I took Nuri up on her offer instead of going back to my last dentist. I had a long experience with dentist and I can tell you that she's really great !!!. I recommend her to anyone needing a check-up/cleaning 
.....going back to the States....(*** not on VCN-Rome)  Okay bizzare! I just had an amazing experience at the dentist office here by Grand Central Station in the big apple.For those of you aware of my dentist diaries; 4 gold inlays, gold crown, 2 root canals and a couple gold onlays you will not be surprised. Ha ha. After all the scariness of going to a dentist in the US and to be robbed blind and misdiagnosed only to line their pockets I cannot believe what I just went through.I tried out this dentist office I found at a Health Fair this week, yeah, only the UN would house a Health Fair in the US! The irony of a health fair in the US ha ha. Anyway, I pushed all the buttons and got the answers I was looking for and off I went. The hygeinist cleaned my teeth so thoroughly it feels like she installed a whole new set. Probably helps that I have a high tolerance for pain and appreciate the detailed picking process. In comes Dr Dentist. Young, late 30s and very likeable. Very interested in my dental history and my questions and keen on checking out the work I had done last year. I am completely beside myself that for the first time in my life I haven't anything wrong with my teeth. I don't need any work. I'm almost lost and confused. And this is coming from a mouth that's got repeat work since I was a kid on all the same teeth from over a dozen of composits to replacement of them all with more adult type stuff as mentioned in the beginning of this email…………..I love that he commented so positively on my Roman dentist's work, making all that time and money spent on her dental bed, endless nights till 11 pm, all worth it!!!He even wants to see my previous records, xrays etc so he can moniter the progress of her work. He said her root canal and crown are excellent work. I was thrilled………….I was so apprehensive about all the stuff I hear about scamming and abusive dentists in the US and how liberal they diagnose procedures not required. At the UN alone everyone I speak to that I meet there in trainings, workshops, langauge class you name it all bad experiences in American Dental Offices. All have had work they were later told was unnecessary or nipped it in the bud with a second opinion. You even hear a lot of people say they were told they had cavaties and turns out they don't. Major abuse of insurance here! I was escorted out and didn't pay anything. WoW!!! 
VCN 34959: Ear, throat and nose doctor  Dear VCN-ers,I know many others in this list have already done so in the past (will be saying nothing new) but I just need to mention yet again how helpful Dr. MariaNuri Marullo is. She has been very forthcoming to me and I am grateful for her advice that helped me navigate through the jungle of "doctors" in order to find a good homeopath, even though, strictly speaking, out of her area of expertise.Thank you doctor. 
VCN 60882 : A reliable english speaking dentist Dear all, I don't usually take time to give positive references to doctors, but in this case it worths while! After I read about the offer that dr. M.Nuri Marullo offers for VCNers I have been there and I had a free dental check and cleaning. I really loved the service, the profissionalism and the kindness of dr. Marullo.I highly appreciated the higiene of the studio, her way to explain me clearly my dental situation, her kindness and honesty. It is rare to find such a nice doctor who has a brider approach in considering medicine and patients. As a professionalist working in the human services, I also consider very important the approach and the human treatment a doctor provides to a patient and dr. Marullo impressed me very positively in this, if you are searching a reliable dentist (also English speaking), give it a try. I'm sure you'll like it as I did! You can have more information and read also about other positive comments on the website  
VCN 60887: Re: Feedback/ A reliable english speaking dentist I completely agree with the previous feedback.I saw Dr. Marullo a couple of weeks ago finding her through the same site. She really did a complimentary dental examination and explained in detailes what needs to be fixed. She took the time to do so without getting a dime from me, answered all of my hundreds of questions. I have to say, I don't recall the same exam I had in the States last time. Though, I did not receive any treatment as yet (planning on that) Dr. Marullo seems to be a very professional dentist with good personality. 
VCN 65026: English Speaking Dentist in Rome  studying as a college student in Rome, my mouth flared up with pain. I needed to find an English speaking dentist quickly, and with the help of VCN, I was thankfully directed to Healthy Smile in Rome. After meeting Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo and Dr. Paolo Marullo, I was able to get both of my bottom wisdom teeth out in one day. It was some of the best dental work I have ever had!! I was very nervous to get dental work done overseas away from home, however both Dr.Marullos were EXTREMELY caring, calming, and I am very lucky to have found them! Not only are they wonderful dentists, but great people as well. An overall great experience. I would recommend all incoming tourists or English speakers in Rome to go to Healthy Smile in Rome for any dental work necessary. Healthy Smile inRome is metro accessible and they accept credit cards. Good luck!  
VCN 71429 Fabulous English-Speaking Dentist in Rome: If anyone is looking for an english-speaking Dentist in Rome, I can highly recommend Dssa. Nuri Marullo, of the "Healthy Smile In Rome" dental clinic: Nuri is a wonderfully competent dentist with a holistic approach to each and every one of her patients. As a person who has always been afraid of the dentist I can honestly say that Nuri, with her patience, professionalism and caring and reassuring manner, has been able to resolve my dental problems and more. The dental clinic is only a few stops on the metro from FAO and is open also after working hours. Definitely the dentist to go to in Rome! 
VCN 33600 Re: searching for a good dentist: I would also recommend Nuri and her brother Paolo for any dental needs - they have been very helpful!!!  
VCN 33555 Re: searching for a good dentist:  i would recommend Dr MariaNuri Marullo at 06 44291526 or 335 6236809,i had to do a complete dental checkup and the result was excellent, she speaks perfect english, the studio is well equiped and near policlinico metro station,i didnt have any parking problems either, i hope i helped you with this ine  
VCN 3720: Re: Can anybody reccommend a good DENTIST in Rome? Dear Claudio,An excellent dentist in Rome is Maria Nuri Marullo close to metro line B station Policlinico. My whole family goes there after several previous negative experiences. I strongly recommend her! If you want to check out her website you can find this on Best regards, M. 
Expats-living in Rome, Janna 16 Sept, 2012 "Thank you so much for recommending Dr. Marullo. After recently moving to Rome, I developed a terrible toothache and was worried that I would not be able to get it taken care of easily, since I cannot speak Italian. After learning about Healthy Smile in Rome on your website, I contacted Dr. Marullo and my fears were quelled. She was caring, helpful, and took care of my teeth immediately. She fixed my toothache, cleaned my teeth, and filled a cavity for a fraction of what I would have paid in the States. She was also able to address other health concerns whenever I became ill, proving to be more than a dentist. Dr. Marullo certainly went above and beyond the call of duty, and I am certainly grateful. She is a valuable resource to anyone living in Rome. " 
Expats-living in Rome: Nada Oct 7, 2012 11:09 PM i just wanted to confirm that dr.marullo is a great dentist and wonderful person. i went to her after my dentist in canada left a broken piece of instrument inside my tooth, giving me terrible pain. not only did she manage to take it out but she also saved my tooth!!!!! very useful contact, really grateful 
Expats living in Rome: VN Dec 5, 2012 5:16 PM As I was traveling through Rome a series of unfortunate events left me with a fractured tooth. Having only a day to take care of the tooth before my travels continued on, I found Dr.Maria Nuri Marullo's recommendations online and sent her a message. She contacted me right away and was able to get me in to see her the next morning. She assessed my situation and it was discovered that the fracture required an emergency dental surgery. Dr, Nuri Marulla went above and beyond and called Dr. Paola Marulla, a dental surgeon, who was able to come in and do the surgery right away. Even being understaffed the day I was in her office, Dr. Nuri Marulla went the extra mile for me and spent 5 hours working on my tooth. I am very grateful to her and recommend her to anyone in need of a dentist in Rome. 
Expats living in Rome, David Feb 27, 2013 5:07 AM Had the opportunity to get my teeth cleaned by Dr.marullo's office and it was everything I expected if not more. Her brother did the cleaning, he was gentle, took his time, did a thorough and meticulous cleaning, and was very careful about not causing any pain. Than you! it was a better cleaning than most American dentists:) - David 
Expats living in Rome : Nicole Feb 16, 2013 11:35 AM It is rare that I write a review of an office experience that qualifies in excellence. Without question, Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo and Dr.Paolo Marullo get five stars. I have been active in the dental and medical community for many years now and I will honestly say they are superb. One never wants to go to the dentist, but they are both providers that myself and my family will look forward to seeing in the future. I know now after my difficult, emergency visit on Valentine’s Day, that they are both able to handle any dental problem with patience and extremely gentle care. State of the art diagnostic equipment and treatment planning was used as well as digital X-ray and patient charting.This can make such an easy transition if you plan on returning to your home country. Both providers are current in all levels of dentistry and recorded all of my health history insuring my patient privacy. I do not know the laws here in Italy yet, but HIPPA in the United States is crucial to patient privacy rights and both doctors are clearly advocates. I was observing so many things and could not find one negative. The studio is beautiful, simple and still elegant. They are professional and intelligent, but not stuffy or arrogant. My jobs in the past required me to stay current with OSHA and for those who don’t know OSHA; it is a requirement of practice that ensures health and safety standards in health care and dental facilities. Both Doctors used all required precautions and I was so happy to see this. Hand washing, protective gloves, eye wear, masks and clothing were all things that I saw being utilized at Healthy Smiles and the instruments were all removed from sterile bags. I only mention these things because of its importance and because many health care professionals put themselves and their patients at risk for not doing these simple things. I was most impressed by Dr. Maria Marullo, in regards to her holistic approach to my care plan and treatment. Not only is she a dentist but she is a physician as well and by just looking at my skin, she was able to see an internal health issue that I had in the past, but mentioned nothing about….clear intuition and attention to detail. I knew before my appointment, that both doctors level of education and experience was extensive, but that doesn’t always mean everything to me. Dr. Maria and Dr. Paolo not only have the degree’s to qualify them as Dentists’ and physician, but also possess humility and empathy… this character trait cannot be bought. For me, prevention is essential when looking for a provider. Treating the disease or immediate problem without treating and educating the whole person is a wasted opportunity and nonrealistic approach to overall health. In my experience, all levels of society suffer from the failure to adequately understand the value of oral health and how it affects the entire body and for many reasons, it is not their fault. Dr. Maria Marullo proved to me yesterday, that she is committed to treating her patients as she would her own family; which is a huge value within itself. People like Dr. Maria and Dr.Paolo are rare and their standards of practice are an example of quality care that all people deserve. Thank you~ 
Expats living in Rome: Alexander ,March 30, 2013 1:27 AM  As a student studying abroad in Rome, I was very nervous about finding a dentist to treat my very sudden and very painful toothache. Dr. Marullo addressed those concerns and then some in a professional and courteous manner. My options were explained to me in clear and plain English and I was able to make an informed decision in a manner I was comfortable with. The surgery was painless and fast, and after they even made sure I had an ice lolly to minimize swelling. The service went above and beyond and I was even dropped off at my apartment afterwards to ensure that I got home safe. Overall an amazing experience all things considered and I cannot recommend this dentist highly enough 
Expats living in Rome: Tracey said on Apr 29, 2013 8:57 AM  WHEN IN PAIN............ In a strange new city, not speaking language and not knowing who to turn to when my tooth has been throbbing for too long to ignore anymore.....who do you google?? ?.......MARIA NURI MARULLO in Rome . I experienced a wholistic thorough and efficient dentist. Grazie grazie grazie 
Expats living in Rome: Allen said on May 20, 2013 3:45 AM  Before I start, I would like to give my never ending thanks to Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo for going above and beyond she helped me with my painful situation. It all started when we landed in Rome, ( We are newly weds doing a Europe trip ) I noticed that my bite is a bit off and I can feel that something is there when I bite, but not enough to cause too much irritation so I carried on thinking that it will go away. That night I couldn't really sleep well due to that it was starting to hurt and irritating. Took some ( neurofen ) to take the pain away. The next day it seemed ok so we carried on with our Colosseum tour. After the tour I felt that the irritation came back ( gums starting to swell ) came to a point where we needed to retreat back to our hotel so I can grab some rest. That night it became apparent that I could no longer tolerate the pain. We asked the hotel if they could help ( not possible - due to that it was a public holiday - Birth or Rome ) GREAT....!!! I was that desperate that I searched online if anyone in Rome can do an emergency dental call out. I was fortunate that I came across ( ) and Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo can do emergency call outs. I did not hesitate to call Dr. Nuri SALVATION...!! Very fortunate that she was still working at 8:30pm I was very thankful to Dr. Nuri that she accepted me to come in and help me out. At that point the PAIN was just unbearable that I considered tooth extraction if it came to that. Dr. Nuri powered on and did the extra mile to make sure that I feel better, I am very grateful to her and I WOULD recommend her to any of my friends visiting Rome and require dental work. With this experience I've gained a new friend, dentist, and a doctor. I really liked her personality and her taste in music.... AWESOME...!! she's got a kick ass logitech speakers in her office and I didn't expect her to be listening or playing music the likes of ( Bobby Brown, Jessie J ) I promised Dr. Nuri to visit her everytime we are going to Europe. So as a last note.... if any readers out there who are thinking of getting dental work done or already in Rome and in PAIN...!! call Dr. Nuri...... THANK YOU DR. MARIA NURI MARULLO... 
Expats living in Rome: Phillip , MD, said on May 25, 2013 8:25 AM  Two days after arriving in Rome for a two week stay, I developed severe pain in a tooth. This became worse overnight and the next morning I located the dentist Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo on the expat site. She worked me in that same day and took great care and time to explain that it really WAS going to take a root canal to fix the problem. Which she did very well. Because I am a physician, she did this as a professional courtesy, no charge. A practice that is disappearing in the US. The pain is gone and I have completed our two weeks in Rome and look forward to two more weeks in Italy. I highly recommend her if dental care is needed. 
Expats living in Rome: Tania , said on Jun 8, 2013 10:02 PM What is the worst thing that could happen at the start of a holiday? Having your filling come out before the plane even touches ground is right up there. I managed to get to a dental A&E, but all they could offer was a rather bad temporary filling. I need something more permanent or I wouldn't be able to enjoy any of the lovely Roman cuisine, so after some searching online I found the details for Dr Maria Nuri Marullo who thankfully was not far from our hotel. She was able to see me late in the evening and did a fantastic job repairing my tooth, far better than the NHS filling which fell out in the first place. Great service, great english, and a brilliant sense of humour. Thanks so much, you saved our holiday! 
Expats living in Rome: Ben Jones said on Sep 15, 2013 8:46 AM  As a young New Zealander, I was a long way from home, as most of us Kiwis do, I was travelling around Europe seeing all the sites and experiancing every bit of cultural atmosphere as possible. One day I was swimming at the beach, suddenly (to cut a long story short) one of my front teeth fell out!... I continued my trip for two weeks with no tooth trying to get hold of a good dentist... I was lucky enough to get hold of Maria when I arrived in Rome. She was able to book me an appointment at very short notice which was a bonus because after so long with no tooth I wanted the dam thing fixed! When I arrived she assessed the situation and came up with a temperary solution until my trip was over and I was back home in NZ. She made me feel very comfortable and her procedure was painless. To anyone wanting emergency dental work DR. MARIA NURI MARULLO is the lady to call. To her and her surgical team I would like to thankyou as you made the rest of my Europe experience that much more enjoyable. 
Expats living in Rome & Healthy smile in Rome (Facebook PAGE/ RECENSIONI) : Danielle Frost said on Jun 7, 2014 9:09 PM Maria Marullo of Healthy Smile in Rome was amazing!! Got my husband in quick on a Saturday to re-cement a temporary crown that fell off while we were vacationing in Italy. She was professional, her office was nice and clean, and above all- she was very friendly and spoke great English! I even got to sit in a massage chair while my husband got worked on. I would HIGHLY recommend her! Thank you so much! 
Healthy smile in Rome (Facebook PAGE/ RECENSIONI )- Nasmash 11 oct 2014 I am grateful to you for all you have done for me .. Kindness, generosity, patience, exceptional skills in 4 hours complicated operation ,professionalism, talent, expertise, and compassion... and most of all your smile.. And I really believe that Other then our parents, there is no other person on this earth who has had a greater impact on our lives At a time when we most desperately needed it, and you had a great impact on me from my first visit .. And you were there when I needed you, you waited for me and you didn't give up on my tooth when I did, you were not just a doctor you taught me much more, you taught me what is like not to give up no matter how much the door might seem blocked in your face, you are a motivational and a life saver, your awesome English here in Rome helped me a lot and your great spirit is what I love about you the most .. I am lucky to find you and have the chance to meet you cause after that chronic continuous pain that lasts for 3 days you just fixed it and the fact I walked in crying and I left your clinic smiling happily is due to your amazing work.. All my words are way much less than you really deserve cause you are simply the most amazing astounding doctor I have ever seen in my entire life , all love and respect to you ♥ 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE / RECENSIONI ) Deepa Taylor said on 3rd July 2014  The night my husband and I arrived in Rome for our honeymoon, I had excruciating pains in my lower right jaw. The pain was unbearable and when I laid down, it only became worse. I knew that it was more than a toothache or cavity because I had shooting pains. I called the receptionist at the Sheraton Roma where we stayed, but they couldn't give me any recommendations. I found Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo on Google when I typed in English speaking dentist in Rome. I read all the patient comments and reviews. I was nervous because we were in a foreign country, didn't speak the language and I didn't have health insurance outside of the US. I emailed Dr. Marullo in the middle of the night. She rearranged her schedule to see me the next day. Her office was easy to get to and the ambiance was calming. Her English was excellent and although I was in tears when I went to see her, she put me at ease. She took my X-rays and had to perform an emergency root canal. She spoke to me the entire time and eased my fears, while my husband relaxed in the adjacent room in the massage chair. She is an amazingly genuine person. I was done in one hour, pain-free and was able to pay a very reasonable price with my American Express credit card! She wrote out prescriptions that I picked up at the pharmacy close by. Healthy smile in Rome is an excellent dentist office and Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo is a phenomenal dentist. Thank you for enabling me to enjoy the rest of my honeymoon!!! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /DIARIO /POST SULLA PAGINA ) Alexander Efremov ( San Pietroburgo ) 1 settembre 2014 alle ore 16.32  This august have situation in Rome. I had a touristic trip there. One day I wake up with a huge cheek swelling. I had never got such problem before, so I was realy worried. More, I had no other signs of tooth inflammation: no gingiva pain or swelling, so I wasn't sure was it dental problem. However, I googled Healthy smile in Rome nearby and go there (the same day, so it was an emergency visit). Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo (instead of her lunch) examined me and take some x-rays photos. She diagnosed a wisdom tooth inflammation and recommended surgery to me, however, I refused (next day i had flight to Sicily). After discussion Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo gave me the antibiotic therapy which was effective -- all inflammation symptoms disappeared in five days. So, I had enough time to rest and now returns to RF to take my surgery. I appreciate the help from Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo! I had only one visit, nevertheless, she seems high qualification dentist with good equipment, and even more, very pleasant person and careful doctor: we had e-mail consultation during my trip in Sicily. So, I sure recommend Healthy smile in Rome! Thank you Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /DIARIO/ POST SULLA PAGINA ) Peter Klaosen 7 ottobre 2014 alle ore 7.27  Thank you Nuri and Paolo for your excellent assistance after I cracked my crown when visiting from Australia. I was very happy with the quality of your service. Your excellent English made it so much easier as well. 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /DIARIO/POST SULLA PAGINA ) Suncica Zdravkovic 26 gennaio alle ore 8.45 //  Dear doctor Marullo. Thank you very much for helping us last week. You have saved our trip! We were amazed by your service, you have seen us and organize a serious dental surgery for my husband within the 2 hours of our call. Everything was done so professionally and you, your brother & your staff were so nice to us. You have saved our Roman holiday! Thank you very, very much! Ian and Suncica 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /DIARIO/ POST SULLA PAGINA ) Maria M Zaragoza‎ said 9 luglio 2014 · Laredo (Texas)  Hola Maria Muchas gracias por ayudarme con mi emergencia del dolor de mi muela. Pude continuar mi viaje sin más contratiempos 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /DIARIO/ POST SULLA PAGINA ) Carol Adami ‎10 luglio 2014 · Roma  After spending top money in Beverly Hills, CA and Lugano for dental work that did not hold up, I was fortunate to find the sister and brother team Murallo. They take time to explain all options and you have choices. My dentist is Paolo who went to USC dental University - one of the very best! His sister, Nuri, consults on my work. I will be in their care for the long term and until all the mediocre work that is crumbling is replaced. GRAZIE Paolo and Nuri - the very best!! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE / RECENSIONI ) Paxton Brewer :9 th february 2015 — Thank you so much for saving my honeymoon! My wife and I were in Rome on our honeymoon, and I had broken a crown. Healthy Smile went out of their way to treat me, squeezing me in on a moment's notice and after hours. The quality of their work was excellent, the office is warm and inviting, and their rates are very reasonable. It would have been easy to rip me off - I was a tourist, desperate for treatment and unfamiliar with local ways. But Healthy Smile did me right! I would recommend them to any one. Grazie mille! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE / RECENSIONI ) 25 March 2015 Tom Kouijzer   I've just had a great experience at "Healthy smile in Rome". A couple of weeks ago I had some X-rays taken and I asked whether I could take them for use with the dentist in my own country; without any trouble Nuri sent me the pictures by e-mail. I also asked her to give my mouth a good cleaning and the result is wonderful. Because it was raining I got very wet and I was given a hair dryer and a nice cup of warm tea. When I left I was able to borrow an umbrella. Great service! Nuri is generous with her time and insists on a human touch! I certainly recommend her! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /DIARIO/ POST SULLA PAGINA ) Denise Lewis 20 marzo 2015  Healthy smile in Rome is a wonderful dental place. I was able to get an appointment on short notice and the process from my consultation appointment to getting my teeth cleaned and my braces checked went really quick. Dr. Nuri was very informative and explained everything I need to know for my upcoming surgery. She explained how the treatment process works in addition to getting me in touch with one of the best surgeons in Milan. She took off time from her busy schedule to ensure that I get all the information I need for future treatment since I had failed to find the right professionals since my arrival in Italy. I am very happy that I accepted the referral from a previous patient. She has continued to follow up on me even after my visit to make sure I get the best treatment. I am happy that I got such a personalised service that exceeded my expectations. Thanks! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) Bret Altemose — may 2015   Dr. Marullo was fantastic. On the first day of our vacation in Italy, I broke part of my front tooth. She was recommended to me by our tour group and was very flexible in scheduling to meet me on short notice. She did a fantastic job and her prices were reasonable. Thanks to her, I was able to enjoy the rest of our vacation. Dr. Marullo is an excellent dentist as well as a wonderful person. I highly recommend her to any US travelers who need a dentist while in Rome. B. Altemose U.S.A. 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) 17 july 2015 Nina Martinsson wrote:  Excellent service! Dr Nuri helped us at 10 pm, when my husband got a bad toothache. A problematik pulpitis, resulted in a root canal that was finished at 2 a.m. (!) Saved our honeymoon, and a daytrip to Pompeji the day after! :) 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) 5th june 2015 Nick Jain wrote: Was vacationing in Florence from the US. I had trouble getting ahold of a Florence dentist, and called Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo MD, DDS She was prompt to respond, spoke fluent English, easy to communicate with, and was willing to squeeze us in same day for an emergency. Thankfully, we were able to get treatment in Florence, but we were grateful for Dr. Maria's skills and availability and communication ability. Thank you again! Highly recommend for any travelers in Italy who have dental emergencies 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) Sahar Nabavi 16th june 2015 wrote: We were visiting Rome and my son had an emergency dental issue. I found Dr. Marullo by browsing internet and seeing her patients' great feedback. I emailed her and asked if she could see my son as an emergency. She replied within a few hours and arranged to see us immediately. She even called our hotel a couple of times to coordinate our appointment to accommodate our schedule. When we went to her office we found her to be a very kind person and skilled dentist. She took care of my son's issue in less than 5 minutes and she didn't charge us anything!! I'm glad we found her while we were in this emergency situation. She did such a great job that my son didn't have any problem after that. I highly recommend Dr. Marullo to whoever visiting Rome and is in need of dental services. Thank you Dr. Marullo. Your help saved our vacation! 
-Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) 17 july 2015 Hal Reeves ( Leslie Reeves )wrote: Imagine my terror. It was the last day of our Italian vacation, and I was suddenly having severe tooth pain. The thought of getting on planes for 13 hours’ travel back to the U.S. with no painkillers and worse-by-the-minute molar pain spurred me to start searching for an English-speaking dentist not too far from our hotel in Rome. Luckily, I quickly found Dr.Marullo, highly recommended by a group of U.S ex-pats in Rome. She immediately made room in her schedule for me, and even got some of her patients to reschedule once she determined the problem: I needed an emergency root canal. It was honestly as fun as a root canal could be. Dr. Marullo is quite gracious, with a warm personality and comforting chair-side manner. She and her lovely assistant, Veri, kept the atmosphere light while explaining the diagnosis and treatment every step of the way. Several hours later, I was back at the hotel, pain-free and even able to enjoy my dinner that night. The trip home the next day was also pain-free, and I’ve had no further problems with the tooth. For anyone who finds themselves in need of dental care in Rome from a professional, kind and caring English-speaking dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Marullo. -Hal Reeves 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) 19 july 2015 Kitty Camilleri wrote: I want to say thank you so much to healthy smiles. I'm 21 and living in Rome and I had terrible toothache. I went to the dentist and was told I needed a root canal. I was absolutely terrified as I'm here I'm my own and have never had any major dental work before. The doctor and her amazing assistant Vera genuinely made me feel so relaxed and really gave me the impression that they cared a lot about me. She also speaks perfect English which helped a lot with the nerves! I would really recommend this surgery to anyone in Rome. Thank you!! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) 3 august 2015 Narelle Celia ) wrote: Narelle Cilia — 5 stellaOn a recent visit to Rome, I had a terrible toothache. I had an abscess and required a root canal. I googled looking for an English speaking dentist in Rome, and I am very lucky that Dr Nuri's name was the first one I called! Dr Nuri and Dr Paolo were excellent, and while I was very sore for a few days, my tooth settled down well without the need for prescribed painkillers or antibiotics. The temporary crown worked well and I will now see my dentist back home in Australia. Thank you so much for your professionalism and attention to detail! I was not the easiest patient as I was in a lot of pain, and also have some anxiety about the dentist. Your hard work meant that I had no problem for the rest of our trip and I really appreciate it! Thanks also to your nurse Vera, who held my hand and passed me tissues when I needed them, she was an angel. With kind regards and my thanks once again! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) 3 august 2015 Michael Matvieshen ( Carlee Matvieshen) wrote: I give this business the highest rating! I needed emergency work done on my broken tooth and she stayed very late to fix it. Some of the best work I've ever had done!! Highly recommended to all. Thank you to doctor and staff ☺️ 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) Maxwell A. Harrington 30th august 2015 wrote: Had an emergency dental situation in Rome, and 'healthy smile' was the biggest lifesaver. They saw me after their hours, just because I was in pain and they wanted to help, and didnt even charge me anything extra. They were very meticulous and completely solved my rather unusal issue of an abscess in the gums, and trauama to my jaw bone due to a bad root canal done a few years prior. Couldnt recommend them more! PS, make sure to enjoy the massage chair when you go! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) Jayakumar Mn 1st september 2015 I never seens such a dedicated doctor in my life who help human when there is an emergency. She don't care what time we are calling for emergency but she still help the person. I was one among them, my two upper front tooth was broken in half and with broken lips. After calling so many clinics on Sunday in Rome I got only one response which is from healthy smile in Rome. She came from vacation on 30th morning and she had 3 emergency cases same as me I reached the venue by 9 pm and she found the cause and explained me clearly what needs to be done. She given me confidence and trusted her that I get back my tooth. We finished 1st session by 3 am. Since I have to travel back to Germany by 1st so I called her morning she canceled her visit to her mom and she did my root canals done. I don't know how much I am thankful to her. She is non other than Nuri. And the sister Vera she pampered and given me confidence Without you both I could have not been normal now. Thanks to healthy smile in Rome you really made me smile. 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook POST SULLA PAGINA ) Bill 15 october 2015  I was in Roma in late September when I experienced a dental emergency. Fortunately, I found Dr. Maria Nuri Marullo of Healthy Smile in Rome who agreed to see me immediately. She specializes in emergencies and she did a terrific job in performing a root canal and temporary crown in a molar. The pain was soon gone and I was able to resume my vacation. After two sessions with her I felt like we were old friends, and like the lion in Aesop's fable with a thorn in his paw, I felt much gratitude for her kindness and skill. I must admit I was a little anxious when I first arrived and sat in the waiting room. The large painting on the wall was that of a man on his back in ancient times about to be stoned into martyrdom by three guys. I thought this might be to make patients feel no matter what happens it could be worse. But, it was all good! Thank you, Nuri! Bill in Portland, Oregon 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) Jenny Pearson 30 ott 2015  Living in Rome and unfortunately I started to get pain in my lower wisdom tooth so I decided to come in to Healthy Smiles In Rome (An English speaking dentistry) as they made time for me to visit straight away. I had scans taken and further extra scans to show more detail which was very professional and showed they cared for my safety. I was able to book my surgery for the next day due to pain. Of course I was terrified of what my surgery was going to involve but the whole time before and during my surgery I felt so at ease being asked regularly if I was feeling okay. After the surgery I was allowed to lye down, relax and take my time to recover and was made sure I got back home safely and comfortably. Highly recommend, quick high quality treatments. No need to stay in pain! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) Patrick Reid 5 nov 2015 I can't explain how amazing my experience was! I was visiting Italy from the U.S and one night woke up to extreme pain from a back tooth to the point I wanted to cry. Being in a different country, I panicked a little. I could not find someone that could get me immediately and spoke english. I came across Healthy Smile on Google and sent an email. By the time I woke up in the morning, I already had an response. Maria got me in immediately. Such a wonderful person and amazing dentist! I had quite a bit of work done which took most of a day but with such a gentle touch i felt no pain and left with no pain. And that was after a lot of work including a root canal! You would think spending a day at a dentist office while on vacation would be upsetting. It was not! It felt more like I was just hanging out with a local, hearing great stories and having quite a few laughs. Being it was a long days work, we took a break half way and she treated me to pizza and coffee. Never have I experienced hospitality like that! I am so glad I was able to find Healthy Smile!! Thank you for everything! 
Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) Geoff Hopkins 9 nov 2015  Hi Everyone - If you are visiting Rome and need an English speaking Dentist then I unconditionally recommend Maria at 'Healthy Smile in Rome'. We are from Adelaide Australia holidaying in Italy and about to embark on an 11 day cruise tomorrow. I had a very painful tooth ache for the last two days in Rome , googled for a Dentist and selected Maria on the basis of her many good reviews. I emailed her on Sat morning at 7:30am and she responded within the hour asking for details about my pain and opened up a 3:00pm slot for a consultation. Unlucky for me it turned out to be an infected tooth needing an Emergency Root Canal, Post and Temporary Crown. Lucky for me I wasn't on the Cruise ship or flying somewhere and even more lucky was I had chosen a very skilled dentist in Maria. 4 hours later treatment was successfully completed , I was able to pay with Credit card and I had a electronic copy of the X-Rays, a detailed letter in English of the problem and an invoice in English - all of which I can present to my Travel Insurance company for a claim. Finally as testament to Maria's commitment to her patients she cancelled a trip to her mother in Tuscany to treat me .... a total stranger from another country. I hope you don't need a dentist when you are in Rome but if you do - call Maria at 'Healthy Smile in Rome' PS:- Dear Maria - please apologize to your mother for me - but let her know you saved an Australian's holiday plans ! 
Expats living in Rome: Boris Kajmak said on Aug 19, 2015 5:07 PM Its all about a timing! Ferragosto in Rome is almost a brand name for itself that everybody fears from. Especially if your tooth, long term problem, decides to inflame/celebrate as well! After calling several dentists in the Monti area, simply all of them told me there is nobody who they can recommend from their colleagues that can see me before 30th of August! By that point I am already third day on heavy pain medications which are by now taking only the peaks of the pain away. However I searched for English speaking dentists cause with my Italian I wasn't able to persuade anybody to help me. Must mention that most were even offended that I called them and spoke to them in not perfect Italian. The first I've called was Dr. Nuri Marullo. First, she can speak English, instead of just saying she can! Second, she acted like a proper doctor when somebody is in serious pain, with idea about immediate steps and understanding for my condition. Third, she organised for me what needed to be done, extraction. It was performed the next day by her brother Dr. Paolo Marullo. Also super friendly person, open, positive and very competent. They've opened the praxis only for me on the day. He performed clean extraction after long talk to me about the options and he answered all of mine questions! And most importantly, since my close friend is/was my dentist until move to Rome, he didn't ignore the opinion of the other doctor which is very often the case. Well, I'll just say that I've found the dentists for my family here in Rome now! 
S Flynn: GOOGLE+ may 17 2016 Amazing dentist here in Rome. Speaks excellent English. I've never looked forward to going to the dentist before, but Nuri is truly amazing! I can't imagine going to anyone else. 5 Stars!! 
Jared Kirkwood: GOOGLE+ may 2016 I was on my honeymoon in Rome and was in extreme pain and required two root canals immediately. I contacted Maria (Nuri), who speaks perfect English, and she got me in straight away and told me what needed to be done, the cost (which was very reasonable), and how long it would take. Maria saw me for 2 sessions for the root canals (usually 6 sessions in Australia all charged separately). Maria also rearranged appointments with her other patients so that I could be prioritised and continue enjoying my honeymoon. I had health insurance and there was a clause in the contract stating to make a claim I would need to show that the dental treatment was for an emergency. Maria wrote a note for me so I could claim my money back as it was a genuine emergency. I have never met a more caring and generous person than Maria. I was able to see the Vatican and continue my holiday pain free after my visits. My partner and I are so grateful for all the help we received. Don't bother searching anywhere else for a good dentist/medical practitioner, Maria is the best you will find. 
juan antonio caballero llorente : GOOGLE+ june 2016  I was in Rome because of job and I was in a lot of pain so I decided to search for somebody to help me. Well, I found Nuri and Vera and it was the best thing that could happen to me at that time. Nuri is an excellent professional and she expend the entire day (13:00 to 00:00!!!) trying to help me. The result cannot be better, I don't feel pain at all and I honestly think that anybody else could have done that job in a day. I have to say that I was a little bit on panic at the beginning of the procedure but that changed really quickly! To go there is like going to your best friend house asking for help, if she can do something, she will do it, and it will be done in the best way possible, no doubt about that! Well, of course 5 stars to the service, Nuri, and not less important, Vera, who is Nuri's assistant and is also excellent at her job! By the way, I'm Spanish and my english is not the best but that wasn't a problem at all for her, she explains everything really easy to understand for everybody! Again, an excellent service at your friend's house! 
Sydney Berkowitz : GOOGLE+ June 2016  While on our honeymoon in Europe my husband started having excruciating pain in one of his lower molars. Our next stop was Rome, I checked online and found Dr Nuri's contact information, she was able to give us a next day spot ( on her lunch hour) after checking him out, he needed a root canal. Dr Nuri cleared her social schedule on Saturday to work on him!!! We are so grateful for her excellent service, if it had not been for her our trip would have been ruined!! Thank you Dr Nuri. Sydney & Marco Tolosa Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 
Annamaria Gaita : Google+ june 2016  Being a Canadian-born living in Rome, finding a trustworthy dentist was definitely a mission! I was extremely hesitant on A LOT of them but when I visited Healthy Smile I just knew my search was over because I felt at peace and in good hands, even better than the great service in North America. I was experiencing a huge deal of discomfort and an infection on my bottom teeth due to the permanent retainer that they put in after you get your braces removed. Dr. Nuri Marullo suggested a breakthrough option which any dentist wouldn't even know about! I have been visiting her once a week for the past 2 months and the improvement is extraordinary! I am so so happy with this decision because oral health is extremely important and I have never given it such importance before, better late than never I guess. It is evident that she does her job with so many dedication and passion. I am so happy that I have found a trusting dentist here in Rome. Her availability is so flexible and has even waited for me to come late evenings on Fridays. She has given me a second chance and made something so impossible, a reality. I highly recommend her to everyone. During this journey we share the same results and objectives and she due to her commitment and passion, she will 1000% deliver the results you want! Thank you Dr. Nuri Marullo, and Vera if course!!!  
Pat Caples Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) : 5th July 2016  · I saw Dr Marullo in May after experiencing the worst prolonged tooth ache I ever had. I was sure I would need a root canal. I even told her I was expecting it. By the time I saw her the pain had subsided. She took X-rays and examined me. She determined that a root canal was not necessary at that time. My dentist concurred when I saw him three weeks later. The whole thing cost 10% of what I was expecting. Bottom line is: she is responsive, available, thorough, skilled, and honest. She is also a pleasure to talk to. 
Danielle Boyle Healthy smile in Rome ( Facebook PAGE /RECENSIONI ) 27 giugno   I was in Rome for a few days before a cruise when I had pain from a root canal that was infected. Nuri took care of it completely. She speaks excellent English & even got to listen to Dire Straights & the Police while she took care of me. I made my cruise and recommend her highly if you need emergency dental work while in Rome. 
Luke Caschen : Google+ 13 Jul 2016 Dr Maria Nuri, I would firstly like to start with thanking you for saving my holiday. I was in excruciating pain for about a week to 2 weeks into my European holiday. Once I arrived in Rome I googled to find a repratable dentist who I could put all my trust in as being in a foreign country you can imagine it is a bit scary. I came across Dr Nuri not only had great reviews but also has had some great experience and credentials. I emailed her to get a reply almost right away in regards to making and apt. When I rang Dr Nuri and she went out of her way to help me over the phone with getting the medication I needed before coming in to see her, from her emailing the pharmacy the script to explaining in Italian to the pharmacist what I needed as I couldn't communicate it in Italian. This service from her was really all above and beyond. I got in to see her the following day and was warmly welcomed by her very kind assistant to a very clean and comfortable waiting area. After dr Nuri assessed what needs to be done I ended up needing 2 root canals and 2 crowns. The process took all day which ment that she has to cancel several appointments just to complete the work I needed, as we were flying out next early morning (I had to get this work done other wise it ment I had to fly home and cut my holiday short). Thank you so much Dr Nuri for saving my holiday and allowing me to have zero pain whilst I'm still in Europe. You really did an exceptional job. Thank you!!!! 
Kabilan Rajmano : Google +16th july 2016 Both Nuri and her assistant Vera were fantastic. My girlfriend was suffering acute dental pain. She was quick to get us in, worked tirelessly for almost 10 hours and without it we would not have been able to enjoy the rest of our trip. Nuri's english is also very good and gave us reassurance as to what was happening and how we handled the issues after that. Thank you both for everything youve done. 
johanna H ( Google+ page) I got good service and care in Healthy Smiles Rome. Mari Marulla was very professional and spoke very good English. I recommend if you want to have and appointment in English and with quick schedule! 
Elisabeth Cairns (Google+ page) 31 August 2016 I found myself with agonising pain in one of my molars when in Rome for a business trip. Despite it being a Sunday Dr Marullo answered the phone immediately and drove back from the coast in order to see me. It turned out I had to have an emergency root canal, which involved nearly seven hours' work and necessitated Dr Marullo and her assistant staying until 10pm, after which she called local pharmacies to ensure I would be able to immediately pick up the medications she prescribed. She was extremely professional as well as friendly, funny and understanding. The work itself was exemplary and I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her. 
David Rudesill ( Google + page) While in Capri, I cracked a tooth and suffered for a few days with the sharp edges inside my cheek. I did some research on google and came up with an English speaking dentist in Rome where we were returning in a couple days, so I called her. Dr. Maria Nuri Murullo picked up the phone herself and set up an appointment on my return. I got in late in the day and went to her office where I was taken care of in a compassionate and professional manner. She was truly a gift from above and also counseled me on some health issues above and beyond my emergency. She is a holistic doctor and dentist and I cannot recommend her highly enough. We are now travelling through Umbria, and enjoying food and wine with a temporary that should see me in good stead back to the states. A true angel in Rome. David Rudesill 
Andreas Pouleres ( Google+ page)24 October 2016 I'm very happy to share my experience with Dr. Marullo.We are tourists in Rome and my uncle had a horrible pane in his tooth.We went to the hospital there we spend 3 hours and we left from there without doing anything.So we deside to found a dentist nearby the hospital and we found Dr. Marullo.Even the case of my uncle it was very difficult and my uncle as a person it was difficult too ,she managed to do her job perffectly.I personaly want to thank her for hellping us and to say that my uncle says that now if she was in Greece he will went to Dr. Marullo from now on. 
Paul Feighan ( Google+ page)17 October 2016 Healthy Smile in Rome was a life saver. Maria Nuri was so knowledgeable and helpful. She took me at 10pm at night since I was leaving for Florence the next morning. A veneer fell off one of my front teeth and after a few emails I had my appointment. She not only did a great job putting the veneer back on but filled a small cavity before doing so. My wife was with me and the Doctor took special notice of a condition my wife had and gave her some great advice that we are following up on now that we are back in the states. She is just a very caring and passionate person who is more than just a dentist. Highly Recommend since I was able to get an appointment with her faster than my AIG travel insurance was able. Thank you doctor ! 
Andrew Jess ( Google+ page12 October 2016 and facebook 15 october ) 5 STARS for Healthy Smile in Rome!!!! If you are in need of an English speaking competent dentist while in Rome – call Dr. Nuri! I was vacationing in Rome and encountered an incredible toothache. I was in a lot of pain – like 7 out of 10 pain scale and could not wait to get back to the US. I ‘googled’ English speaking dentist in Rome and found Dr. Nuri. Dr. Nuri saw me the same day, diagnosed my abscessed tooth, and treated it to relieve all my pain. She was very thorough, patient, and kind throughout the whole procedure. I am thankful that she has built a business proving such a valuable service. Thanks again! 
Michael Knobloch ( google+ page)11 November 2016 Nothing but good things to say. I was on a 3 month long backpacking trip through Europe. Half way through my trip I experienced a terrible toothache that wasn't getting better. I needed an emergency root canal. All I can say is I'm glad it happened in Rome. Nuri saw me the next day and worked all weekend on both Saturday and Sunday to give me the root canal and crown I needed. After my initial X-ray she took and hour explaining to me my treatment options, not to rush into anything prematurely. I'm from the US and this facility and staff is just as good if not better than any dental treatment I've ever had back home. Nuri is one of the kindest people I've meet in all of Europe. After my crown it was raining so hard she insisted I stay in the office till the storm let up. She then went out of her way to even make me dinner afterwards. Never have I experienced hospitality like that from any form of Dr. Back home. She is very knowledgable and cares very much for her patients well being and won't just rush through the treatment no matter what time or day it is. Thanks for the Restaurant recommendation, Porto was molto bene!! 
C Patras ( Google+ page)23 August 2016 Dr Nuri went out of her way to help me during my holidays in Rome. Called her Saturday evening, explained the problem on the phone, and she traveled 200km to come back in Rome (was on holidays) to see me Sunday morning. Examined me, explained all available options simply, fixed 2 teeth and the pain was gone, which meant I was able to enjoy the rest in my time in Rome pain free! If you are in Rome and have a dental emergency, or even just need to visit the dentist, look no further.  
David Robson ( Google+ page)4 October 2016  When I broke a front crown during the August holiday close down in Rome, Dr Marullo gave up her Sunday and over the course of a long and difficult afternoon made and successfully fitted a temporary tooth. Since then, she has sorted out two major problems with my teeth and I am very happy with the result. Nuri is full of energy and good humour and cares very much about the well being of her patients. 
Gareth Davies ( Google+ page)7 November 2016 Dr Marullo was fantastic. She gave up her Sunday morning and most of Monday to help me when I was faced with a dental emergency whilst on holiday in Rome. She went out of her way to ensure that I left pain free and was given the best possible dental care. Dr Marullo is very thorough, meticulous and caring. She was very generous and it was a big help being in a foreign country in an emergency situation where the care provider spoke excellent English. I would highly recommend Dr Marullo to anyone who was faced with a dental emergency and required urgent help whilst travelling. She saved my holiday! Gareth 
Marwan Gouiely ( Google+ page)19 October 2016 I Recommend Healthy Smile for anyone that has any kind of pain in their teeth, very professional doctor with amazing experience to make sure that you will feel comfortable as soon as you walk out from your appointment, went there for different reasons many times, and every time I feel a lot better. Don't think twice and visit Healthy smile if you want to feel better, and have professional treatment for your teeth. 
Martina Ambrozova ( Google+ page)18 November 2016  The cozy and comfy atmosphere right after entering the ambulance made me feel much more relaxed, even though I had an enormous pain in my mouth. The professional and still so kind approach was for me something new, breathtaking, I can't even express now how much I appreciated it. Doctor Marullo and her amazing assistant Vera stayed after their opening hours, even though they had other plans on the evening, and finish a small but little bit complicated surgery of me, which saved me two teeth and me from miserable pain. I never met a doctor in my life with so great knowledge of his/her field and with that warm heart. I'm glad that in this hard situation, when I'm studying abroad, far away from my family, I found someone who can I trust that will take care about me and help me no matter what. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a dentist in Rome! 
SEan Gilbert ( Google+ page) 18 December 2016 Dr. Nuri saw me in a Saturday evening to sort out a dental problem. She was really generous with her time. There is no dentist quite like her!! 
Ikram Ahmed ( Healthy smile in rome facebook page) 5 th January 2017  Maria and her lovely assistant showed such delicate care and professionalism when dealing with my case. As I came in last minute and pretty late in the afternoon Maria kindly stayed late into the night dedicated to giving me a better smile. Love your work and I would totally recommend anyone with oral needs to give Maria and her lovely assistant a visit. 
Margot Lane ( Google +page - February 2017 )  Nuri is an absolute professional. I can't believe my good fortune to have found her in my time of need! I had an emergency root canal and then a filling renewal and minor gum surgery over 2 days. She was not only professional but also warm and patient, explaining everything carefully in flawless English. Nuri's assistant, Vera is a caring and competent 'sidekick', and the rapport between the two kept me constantly entertained and my mind off the procedures. I really can't thank them enough and would absolutely recommend 'HealthySmile inRome' to anyone in need of high quality dentistry and personalized and holistic care. 
M Wk (Google + page april 2017)  Afnan in honey moon ..we had abig problem which is my teeth fall down when I was eating some bread I was totally not happy until I search in google for dr Nuri every thing change she rutern my smail back and saved my honey moon .she work very hard to make me happy she is very nice person .i give her 10 out of 10. Thanks Dr Nuri . 
Krystel Hocke ( Google + page April 2017 )  If you have a dental problem call this clinic and don't even think twice! My implant had completely moved from its place during dinner and was causing me a whole lot of pain. We contacted the clinic, and informed them we had an emergency. The lovely assistant Vera told us the doctor will call us in 5 minutes as she was finishing up with a patient. We gave her the number we had purchased the same day, and hoped they will call back. An hour later, after we had completely lost hope, Dr. Nuri was on the phone, explaining that they were trying to reach us for an hour, but we had given them a wrong digit in the number!!! They went through the trouble of calling several mobile number providers to reach us! That was the first sign of how helpful this lovely team was going to be. We hop in a taxi, and 10 minutes later we are at the clinic being welcomed by the lovely Vera and her beautiful smile. Mind you it's 11:00PM!!! Turns out my emergency was way more serious than we thought and we ended up staying at the clinic for 3 hours after surgically removing the bolt that had broken in my jaw! Dr. Nuri was so patient and nice, and explained in detail every single thing she was doing. I had never met such a nice doctor in my life! Vera and herself were working since the morning non-stop yet gave me all the attention, time and patience in the world! They took their time to make sure our vacation isn't ruined, and gave me the best treatment I would hope for. Vera was even holding my hand for reassurance, and Dr. Nuri was beyond nice! She even called the next day to check up on me and make sure all was ok! The next day I wake up pain-free with zero swelling (this is really impressive after removing the implant's bolt that has been in my jaw bone for years!) I had never thought such service existed, and I am really glad that I was lucky enough to had called that number for my emergency, and had met those lovely ladies! If you unfortunately have a dental problem, this is the place to go! Dr. Nuri and Vera saved my vacation! 
Santiago Quarneti ( Google+ page april 2107) I received from Nuri and his assistant a very professional and highly efficient service. I am deeply grateful to you! 
Jowan Nakshbandi (Google+ page April 2017 )  I was in Rome on a holiday and my tooth broke. I went to see Dr Nuri and she was kind enough to help repair my tooth on the day. She went above and beyond to get the work done and I am thankful. Thanks to her assistance I was able to enjoy the rest of my trip. Dr Nuri displayed the utmost professionalism, she gave me a lot of great advice and to top it all off, she had a great sense of humour.  
Caitlin O' Connor ( Google+ page April 2017) I cannot praise Nuri more highly. She's a true professional who not only loves her work, but treats it as an art. Having been born with a Cleft lip and palate, I have had dental work since I had teeth. Honestly, as a 23 year old woman I have never been satisfied with the work done on my teeth however I simply accepted that these are the teeth I'll ever have. When I visited Nuri I expected a quick fix on a chip in my tooth. However she spent a significant amount of time to give me the smile I've only ever dreamed of. She not only fixed all the issues that I have always been self conscious about, she made me feel at ease in her office. I felt like a friend rather than a client and I cannot thank her enough for that. I advise anyone who seeks dental treatment in Rome to look no further. Nuri is incredible: a professional, an artist, a friend. Thank you Nuri for making me smile with confidence for the first time in 23 years. 
Sharon S. (YELP 9 may 2017) Doctor Maria Nuri Marullo saved our once in a lifetime trip to Rome, Italy. On the trip over my crown came off exposing the root wish was very painful. I would not have been able to enjoy the wonderful food or any of the sites. We called and even thou she was expecting another emergency any minute she said to come on it. The office was not hard to find and I was greeted with a smile and professionalism. She took the time to check me out and ask if I could come back at six p.m. to work on it. The tooth was very loose and in the beginning was not even sure if it could be saved or not. But on her advice, we decided to try. She began the root canal and made a temp crown. The infection drain out and the PAIN was gone. It took until eleven thirty in the evening wish was uncalled of in the States. Her comment to her work is hard to find. I would highly recommend her for any dental work that might be needed. She is a dental healer that saved my trip and my tooth. 
Paulino Belamide 24 aprile 2017 (FAcebook reviews) i was a patient of dr. nuri marullo for over a year. it all started because of an emergency which happened during a ferragosto when almost everybody were on a long break. a very bad time to get sick of any sort. all the dental clinics i knew or recommended to me were closed. last resort was, what else, google. and that's how i found dr. nuri. i thank dr. nuri for taking care of my dental issues. dental care is not cheap in italy or elsewhere (even with the discounts), but with dr. nuri, it was worth it. guaranteed to last a lifetime, at least from my point of view (about 20 yrs or more: i'm now in my late 50's). i knew she would do an excellent job, and she did. dr. nuri, thank you very much!!! sorry, could not come and say goodbye before i left. just to let you know that i remember you. i wish you all the best... may God bless you with good health and contentment... 
Isabelle Timmermans 28 aprile 2017 (FAcebook reviews) Last weekend I had an amazing trip with my Husband without our 4 children. We visited the beautiful city of Rome, when we wanted to go to have some dinner I fell from my scooter and broke my tooth. I really had beautiful teeth so I was soo in panic affraid my smile will never be the same. But Maria Nuri Marullo did an amazing job!! She helped me till 3:30u in morning!! And deliverd a perfect art piece� for ever thankful for her great service to help me in the middle of the night so we could remain our trip with a big smile in Rome. Kind regards, Isabelle 
Jonathan Saunders 24 aprile 2017 (FAcebook reviews) Great. Saved our trip. Got right to work on a very hard emergency root canal later on a Saturday night. We are from USA. Dr. Marullo was knowledgeable, empathetic, fair priced, good at English (a must for me), and all around wonderful dentist. 
Allison W. (YELP 11 may 2017) A+ English-speaking Dentist! Dr. Nuri saved our vacation in Italy! I cracked & chipped my front tooth on a piece of hard bread on our first night in Rome. My husband also was having unexpected jaw issues, where he couldn't chew or bite down, so we had a double dental emergency. Dr. Nuri answered her phone at 8:30pm and gave us directions to her office. I now have a perfect front tooth- and the best Italian souvenir to take back to California. Dr. Nuri did treatment on my husbands jaw, so he could enjoy all the delicious food in Italy. My husband also got fitted for a night guard, so he got a souvenir too! Dr. Nuri truly is a perfectionist and we couldn't be happier with her work. 
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